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Landscape Concepts have completed various paving projects at my property over the past 10 years. These included design concepts, ground preparation, paths, steps and garden edging with bluestone. On each occasion the job ran smoothly with prompt quoting, commencing on time, commitment to job completion and quality workmanship along with a courteous and professional attitude. I would thoroughly recommend Landscape Concepts for all outdoor/garden construction.

Lisa Brinkman

Simon & Carolyn Curtis and their team at 'Landscape Concepts' have completed a number of jobs for us including preparing a circular driveway and building a dressage arena. The thing that always stands out for us with 'Landscape Concepts' is their attention to detail, quality work and absolute professionalism. The driveway was quite complicated and the team went the extra mile to make sure little invisible things like installing root guards to ensure the driveway looks as good in 15 years as it does today were completed and making sure that the levels were perfect. When they were building our dressage arena they were not satisfied that the levels were as accurate as they wanted over a 60m stretch and so they sourced a specialised piece of machinery just to make sure the drainage would be laser perfect. Other operators might have been satisfied without this level of accuracy which over time could have resulted in costly repairs needing to be done. The team at Landscape concepts are always terribly punctual, they communicate constantly, so you know exactly what is going on. They come up with really creative solutions to problems and most importantly their work looks fantastic!

Ben & Jackie Kearney